Lao Christian Church

The LCC consists of mostly Laotians who came to Canada in the late 1970s to mid 1980’s.  After the war in Indochina, many left their home country looking for refuge wherever they could find it. The Canadian government, assisted by organizations like MCC, encouraged Canadians to sponsor these refugees.  Many Eben-Ezerites took part in separate sponsoring teams. All told, about a dozen refugee families were sponsored this way. Members of the congregation offered to help materially and spiritually.  Some of these Laotians eventually formed the Lao Christian Church which is using Eben-Ezer’s facilities to this day.  

In 1980, Sylang Kaneboodtra, himself a refugee, was hired by MCBC to give additional personal care to the Laotian refugees in their language and with sensitivity to their cultural background.  Quite naturally, Eben-Ezer’s facilities were becoming a meeting place for Laotians.  A congregation, composed of thirteen families, formally organized and met on 6 November 1983.  The church became affiliated with Mennonite Church British Columbia in 1988.  The formation and development of the congregation is due largely to the administrative support of Mennonite Church British Columbia and financial help of Eben-Ezer Mennonite Church.  

The language of worship is Lao.  The congregation meets regularly on Sunday afternoons for Bible Study and Fellowship.  Sunday mornings, some members also attend English services in different churches of their choice.
Special LCC events in a calendar year include: Baptisms, Communion Christmas Party August (Air Show Weekend) Weddings Funerals